Dear Jim,

I just finished your book "Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately" (which my husband picked up for $1 at the Good Will). Thank you for writing it! It will be very helpful to me in my witnessing.

I left Mormonism 2 years ago after 26 years as a devout temple-recommend holding member. My husband and I have ten children. As a matter of fact, I was the Relief Society president when I left! Since then, I have been doing as much public speaking as I can in various churches here in Las Vegas. I was able to share my testimony at the first annual Nevada Baptist Women's Conference this year. My story is printed up in booklet form and I hand it out (or email it) where ever I can.

God has been so good to us! Sometimes I feel like I will just burst if I don't share the true gospel with others or get to share with others what the Lord has done for me by bringing me out of the cult and into His arms. This past year has brought 5 of my older children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (ages 12 to 21). We are now all saved except for a 20-year-old son who is on an LDS mission in Uruguay. I'm sure he was sent out of the country to limit contact with his "apostate" parents.

I hope I get to meet you someday (this side of the Rapture :o).

God bless you and your ministry! Please pray that He will increse mine!



Great Letter. I am posting it to the web site. Email me your testimony and I'll post that as well.