Rev. Jim,

mininstry. I wrote you last fall because I had met a Mormon girl and was deeply attracted to her. I went into our relationship knowing very little about the beliefs of the LDS. I used your website and others like the Tanners' to give me information on Mormonism. After seeing the differences between that and my strong Christian faith, I felt that I was unable to continue my relationship with her. One good thing about my interaction with the Mormons was that it revitalized my own Christianity.

We were broken up for about four months when we started talking again. During the time that we were apart she told me that she really started to dig into the gospel. After doing this (on her own), she says that she agrees much more with the Christian message and is no longer interested in the Mormon message. She is an avid reader of the Bible and is working hard to overcome the years of bad teaching. She wants to rely solely on Christ and worship him. She now sees the folly of the Mormon message and has worked hard at becoming a Christian. For example she travels a lot and is constantly meeting with different Presbyterian ministers when she in other cities.

I have a few questions for you. How do I help her in this journey. We study the Bible together often and talk about scripture. She has attended Church with me on several occasions--I know that it is the Holy Spirit that will convert her--and I can see Him working in her--but what more should I do to help? She has not told her parents about this change and doesn't anticipate the conflict that this will cause, (her parents are temple Mormons--when I met her she was set on getting married in the temple) how can I help her through this and what advice should I give her when she talks to them about it?

Thanks for all of your help,
Yours in Christ,


Two things: First, you are doing all the right things; studying the Bible with her, getting her to go to church.

Second, until she confronts her parents, she is _not_ out of Mormonism, and _will_ go back. Let's say she professes Christ and goes to church with you, but does not come clean with her parents. Then, let's say you guys get married. I guarantee you that when the first child is born, she will be back in the Mormon Church. I don't say this to discourage you, but to save you from a grave misread on where she is.

She will need time. If she genuinely finds Christ, she will be able to tell her parents. If she simply "hangs out" in Christendom, she will return to Mormonism.

These observations are based up on years of invariable experience and dozens, if not hundreds, of similar stories.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry