You said that the dead no matter if they went to heaven or hell, did not have access to us. How do you know that? I can't find any information on that subject. My sister's are not going to believe that what they have seen are demons. It is hard because what we have seen looks so real and right. I just need to be able to explain it to them.



You are not going to be able to explain this to your sister, but you can, I think, understand it yourself.

The reason that she won't get it is because part of the argument stems from the fact that Mormonism is of demonic origin itself. If Mormonism is true, then dead people (like Moroni) _do_ contact the living.

As background for this discussion please read this document before going further:


When people die, their bodies go into the grave and their spirits go to God. Now, we are not entirely certain what the status of these departed spirits is. Of thehe saved, Christians believe "to be absent from the body is to be in the presence of God." (2 cor 5:8)

What happens to the unsaved is not so clear. Some scholars think they go immediately to their eternal destination--hell. Others believe they are in something like Mormonism's spitit prison awaiting the final judgement. Neither answer affects whether or not they can contact us.

The Bible does not clearly state "departed spirits cannot contact humans." But it repeatedly states that demon spirits will try to contact us and that we must have no contact with them. the Bible also teaches that angels do, indeed, act sometimes as messengers from God to man. (Remember, for Mormonism, all disembodied spirits are the same _kind_ of being: whether they are demons, departed dead, angels, or gods. God never confuses angels, demons, humans, nor the one God).

OK, so God goes to great lengths to tell us that demonic spirits will try to seduce us (al la The Beautiful Side of Evil). These "familiar" spirits, we know, often masquerade as departed loved ones: that is the central activity of Spiritism, necromancy, seances, and fortune telling. The Bible also convinces us that the departed dead, wherever they are, are under God's control.

Argument No 1:
If God warns us against listening to any "familiar spirit," calling it witchcraft and evil, why would he confuse the issue by allowing _real_ departed spirits to come visit us. There is no way we could determine whether they were real or imposters? (Even by shaking their hands :) ) We are warned away from them, period.

Argument No 2:
Think of what these Mormon "contacts" tell us. Mainly they tell us to "stay with the (Mormon) Gospel." Well, demon or departed dead, that message is not from God, it is from hell.

Argument No 3:
What is to be the Christians source of spritual information: God through prayer, and the Bible. And _never_ He tells us through familiar spirits.

All those who rely on familiar spirits are getting AntiChrist information. I'll admit that familiar spritis can appear as kind and pitiful (most often they do), but their message--like Mormonism--is deadly because of its content, not because

of its face. As I said, this is not an area I would try to explain to your sister. Get off this onto something much easier and clearer, like "How many Gods are there and will you be one?"

Hope this helps,