Mr. Spencer,

My son is very interested in a Mormon girl and has been going to services. Although I have several Mormon friends myself, and have great respect for them and have enjoyed my children and their as friends, now that I investigate the religion more thoroughly, I am worried. Of course, talking to a headstrong, infatuated 17 yr old is a dicey thing at best. I have asked him to research any religion he would consider undertaking thoroughly, and have requested him to take his time. Do you have any suggestions? I think I will direct him to the internet and try to find some books, such as yours. Also, we have some Christian ministers and friends that will talk with him at some time.

Thank you in advance.


  Unfortunately, it is a little late in the game for your son. Assuming you folks are church-going Christians I blame the failure to inoculate him on the current vogue of relativism, "political correctness," and ignorance. I'm not venting here, merely deploring the continuing _laissez faire_ attitude in the Church. Beyond that, it is important for you to recognize these trends as precaution for the encounters you will have with your son on this subject.

First, I would say, you need to come to the informed conclusion that Mormonism is harmful, not helpful, in all regards. Until you read enough to see that, any argument you mount will be half-hearted.

After that, you will need to connect with your son about this in a firm, informed way. Compassionate, yes. Good-natured, yes. Respectful, yes. But if your informed opinion is that Mormonism is dangerous eterally as well as in the here and now, you may have a chance.

I'm not too hopeful, however, because the cure is so much less effective than the prevention. The chances are very good that your son will join the Mormon Church if he is already at the stage of attending services and has, as yet, had no antidote.

If you wish, I would be glad to send you a packet of information that may be helpful. Just email me your postal address.

Sorry to be so bleak about this, but my assessment is based on hundreds of similar experiences.

I will pray that you son will escape this net. May God move miraculously in this matter.

Jim Spencer