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You dont know what you are talking about. If you would take even 1 minute to research any gospel principle of the LDS church, you would find that you are completely wrong. I have been a member for over 70 years and not one thing has changed in the ceremonies that take place in the temples. I know you have never been there and never will, for it is sacred and you would not understand. Why dont you waste your time on something else, other than trying to destroy something that you have no knowledge of?




You have been a member of the LDS Church for over 70 years and you have an email address like

However, for your information, I was married in the LDS Temple in Idaho Falls in 1966 and attended many, many times. The ceremonies _have_ been changed, and changed drastically. So, I must conclude you are either lying about your involvement in the LDS Church or you have been a member for seventy years but never went through the temple.

By the way, I am posting your letter and this response on my web site.