Dear friend,

I hope that it is not just by chance that I stumbled onto your website. I need some guidance, or at least some sort of idea about where to go next.

I was baptized into the LDS Church last August. At first everything was great. It is only recently that I have become so lost and confused. I don't know what the right path is anymore. I don't know who is listening when I pray. I am afraid I have condemned myself to hell, but at the same time I am afraid to leave the Church for fear that it truly is the correct one. I've met such wonderful people that I am afraid of letting them down. The only friends I have left are members of the Church, and if I leave I will be alone.

I have been praying and praying to receive an answer, and all I have heard so far is silence. If you could help me in any way, I would appreciate it greatly.




Wow, I hear your heart cry. I hope you can watch this video online. Let me know if you can't, and I'll mail it to you.

click here

This tape demonstrates that the Book of Mormon _cannot_ be from God.

You can read about it on my site at: click here

Just keep reading and let God lead you. Do not expect God to hit you over the head. He made you with a mind and the ability to reason. Do not trust you "feelings." Feelings lead people into all kinds of trouble. You "feel" love for a certain boy and it turns out that he is all wrong for you.

I get the impression from your email that you are in college. If so, there will be a Christian group on campus. Campus Crusade for Christ, the Association of Christian Athletes, and others. Reach out to them. They will go out of their way to help you.

Do not let your friends determine what you believe about God. Check out the Bible for yourself and examine the claims of Mormonism or any other group which claims to have exclusive insight into the things of God. These groups are called cults and they use intense emotional pressure to keep people from using their heads.

I pray God will give you freedom and release from such pressure.

Be sure to read the letters on my site.

If I can help in any other way, let me know.