Oct. 6, 1999

Dear Jim,

Recently I became engaged to a young man who is not a practicing Mormon himself but his family members are. I have been told horrifying stories from other people about the Mormon Church but when I shared these stories with my fiance' and his family they laughed and said "Isn't it amazing how people love to throw stones!"

So what I really want to know is...I have heard that once you are sealed in the temple (for a wedding) you must then have sexual intercourse in front of all of the bishops etc. Is this true?




No, it is not true that you have to perform sexual acts in the temple. The closest you come to anything remotely sexual is when you are being "anointed." At that time, a worker (of the same sex) puts a drop or two of water on your abdomen, "anointing your loins." It really is a stretch to call that sexual.

I do not want to let Mormonism off the hook in this matter of sexual practice, however. Mormonism has a strong sense of sexual perversity about it. We must not forget the long (and continuing) history of polygamya sexual nightmare! Nor should we forget that child abuse is rampant within Mormonism. This is still a state which allows little girls to get married.

Lots of very dark spiritual stuff does go on in the temple. The temple ceremony his highly charged with occult symbolism. It was derived directly from Freemasonry and witchcraft. It does have a negative, long-term affect on people who participate it in.

The real question is not so much whether your fianceé is a Mormon, as to whether or not he is a committed Christian. I hope both you and he will contact a Christian pastor (a good, Bible-thumping one) and have some pre-marital counseling. Even then, you need to be wary. Entirely too many pastors are not up to speed on Mormonism.

The biggest problem I see in Christians who disregard the Biblical warning about marrying outside the faith (particularly in regards to Mormonism) is this: After the first child comes along the man who "had no real interest in Mormonism" heads straight back to the Church and demands that you come along.

This is a very serious issue and you need to be extremely careful. It simply does not work for a Christian to marry a Mormon.

I would be delighted to send you a couple of books (free of charge) to help you if you will send me your postal address.