You may not remember me but thats OK. You helped me find a church group here in La Grande, Oregon and you got Sharon T. and me together(e-mail). I was letting my Mormon membership slide along...The visiting teachers were showering me with love and my best friend (after Jeasus) was too. My Daughter told me, "Mom they'er loving you right to hell, to eternal death even."

Sharon never pushed me to resign, but once in a while she'd ask me if I'd sent in "THE" letter yet. I didn't tell anyone but I had decided not to resign I thought I'd just not go to the functions anymore after all, I told myself that God "knows my heart."

Then the Through the Maze newsletter arrived in the snail mail. And because of what I read I knew I had to get out--NOW! I'm refering to the bishop's story.

I am profoundly deaf...the temple workers assured me they would tell me what went on since i can read lips. They did not tell me I would be following the commands of Lucifer! Had anyone told me that I'd have left then! So many lies and ommisions! So...today March 15, 2005 12:56pm, I sent in my resignation letter. It's a short letter and if yu'd like a copy let me know.

Your sister in Christ,


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