I am looking for James R. Spencerauthor of "Beyond Mormonism." I called Shiloh Foursquare Church and they informed me that he no longer serves there and gave me the address to this website as a way to locate him.

Last week I stopped at a yard sale at a local church on a whim. They were closing down for the day and a woman let me take a box full of books for free. This box contained a copy of Mr. Spencer's book. I was raised in a Quaker and Bible Church but in recent years had felt isolated from others. Two years ago, some Mormon missionaries stopped by and for the first time in my life I let them in. They showed such interest in me and introduced me to people who seemed genuinely interested in knowing me. Because of this feeling of acceptance I allowed my reservations to be set aside and was baptised.

Since then I have been in a no man's land of knowing that I am on the wrong path but not having the courage to break off ties to the church for fear of being all alone again. It was with this heart that I picked up Mr. Spencer's book and began to read. Very rarely have I ever begun and finished a book in one sitting! He was telling my story. It was amazing to see the same tactics of the missionaries and church members being used 40 [actually 30] years ago. In addition to revealing to me the secrets of the temple ceremony, he answered many other questions about the emptiness that I felt at the services. Hearing his testimony of God's love also helped me significantly in how I feel towards God now.

I am extremely grateful that I stopped at that sale and chose those books. I am nervous about extricating myself from the Mormon church but I pray that I will proceed as boldly as Mr. Spencer did. Thank you very much for a wonderful book and know that it is still changing lives after twenty years.

In Christ,



Thank you so much for such a lovely story. I am always amazed when I hear them.

I pray you will have the courage of your convictions. I also pray that you will find a good Bible-believing church with some godly friends and compatriots to join you on your journey towards heaven.

I am mailing you a packet of information I think you will find helpful. And I will put you on my mailing list.

Jim Spencer