I have notice that your site has been promoting lies on top of lies about the wiccans(pagans), mason and the mormons with the book titled "Mormonism's temple of doom".

We know that you are a christian apoligetic site, but we are puzzle how chistians are atacking our beliefs(wiccans)with lies such Bill Schnoebelen is promoting, and inmediate action is required, before we take action against your site, and your false information, please read my report about Bill Schnoebelen you can get how to contact us at our site...

Following is the report about your fake book your christian site is promoting...

  To Kerr Cuhulain


If by "before we take action against your site " you are threatening to hack my site, I hope you know that you will be prosecuted for that.

If you mean you will try to take some legal action against what I have written I say, "Go ahead, waste your time."

If you are thinking you have some spiritual power to harm me, I say--again--go ahead, waste your time.

But don't bother writing any more irritating little notes to me. I have filtered you out.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry
jim@BeyondMormonism.com BTW, I am posting your pathetic note and this response on my web site.