Mr. Spencer:

I found your book Beyond Mormonism very interesting. At this time, I'm married to a mormon and have recently told him I couldn't raise our son in that religion. I was wondering what would you think the most important question would be to ask him to show the flaws of the LDS church?

My husband tells me most of what I read will come from people who have left the church and cannot be believed. What can I say to that to help him see where he is wrong? Are there any good resources I can turn to?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to these questions.



1. I would ask him "How many Gods are there in the Universe and will you be one?"

2. I would ask him if he wanted to know about Communisim in Cuba, would he as Fidel Castro, or some one who has escaped?'

3. If you have a "safe" mailing address, I will send you some information that may help you. In the mean time, continue to use the Internet as a resource.