I just read one of your online books written by Mr. Spencer. I am a Christian living in Utah and I often feel the thickness in the air from the Holy War going on here. Most of my friends here are LDS and I try to witness but the going is very tough.

The book was wonderfully encouraging and I appreciate how Mr. Spencer preaches out of love, not as judge, jury and executioner.

Christ truly is the answer and I've seen him work here. The book helped explain a lot to me. My brothers and I often talk about the blank look we see in a lot of people's eyes out here. If steeped in their doctrine and not allowed to question. Blind faith must be what causes that gaze.

Keep up the good work, God used you to speak to me tonight.


Thanks for the very nice email about my book. God continues to amaze me the way He uses it.

If you send me your snail address, I will send you an information pack, a couple of tracts, and a couple of phamplets.

Jim Spencer