message: I was referred to your website through SaintsAlive. I'm sure you hear this often, although I feel it bears repeating - thank you so much for the time and effort you've devoted to such a worthy cause. In one of your responses to an email, you commented on the lack of real understanding that many Christian pastors have concerning Mormonism. I was so blessed to have stumbled upon a church that immediately introduced me to their womens ministry leader who was very familiar with Mormonism. Unfortunately, it took me so long to find someone that offered me, not just the facts concerning the false doctrine of Mormonism, but did so in a way that wasn't shaming or belittling.

I can honestly say, I did not seek out Mormonism, they found me. I was 6 years old, living in Stillwater, MN., when our new neighbors invited our family to church with them. We accepted, although my parents found it to be too inconvenient,(back in 1976, the nearest LDS church was nearly an hour away) I was instantly hooked. The church offered me an instant group of friends and a sense of belonging I had never felt, other than in my own family. I continued to attend church with my neighbors until we moved to Arizona in 1980. Would you believe it, we ended up with Mormon neighbors right next door yet again! I was instantly approached by my new set of "friends", they new I was coming and were looking forward to the challenge of converting my parents. My parents, again, expressed little interest of their own, but were fine with me attending and even supported me in getting babtised and eventually even a temple marriage.

I believe my parents, like so many in the world today, see Mormons for what they appear to be on the outside. Good people doing good things, maybe a little misguided, but with good intentions. I'll never forget the Chritians that were outside of the Mesa temple year after year during Christmastime handing out Christian tracts. At the time, I felt alot of anger, not understanding their cause or why they cared so much. I'll never forget an encounter I had outside the temple, as a teenager we were there enjoying the lights and music offered during the holidays, when one of the "protesters" looked me in eyes and requested that I pray with him about the truthfulness of the LDS church. I innocently said yes and began praying when I was jerked away by my member friends who were shocked at my actions. They even reported me to our Bishop, who then reminded me of the danger to engage in any "apostate" activity. I can't help but wonder if that prayer so long ago with a stranger ! helped pave the way to my salvation.

After many years of struggling with my beliefs. I experienced the pain of divorce along with the even greater pain of watching "The Church" stand by and support my ex-husbands behavior by ignoring it and instructing me to pray more. I

'm 34 years old now, I've accepted Christ as my personal Savior. I still struggle daily with the "hold" that mormonism has on me. I get a sick feeling driving by LDS churches, seeing their advertisments on TV. Most of all, I fear for all the innocent souls (including my children) that could so easily fall prey to this group.

I apologize for my lengthy story. I do have one question, I accepted Christ last November, I have been hesitant to get babtised though. I feel like I've already been babtised by immersion once, my heart was in the right place despite being the wrong church. Many, including my current husband, feel that I need to get babtised and remove my name from the LDS church altogether. Any advice?

Thank you for your passion,
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Thanks for sharing your story. If you don't mind, I'll post it on my web site because it offers your unique insight into the deception of Mormonism.

Baptism certainly is not necessary for salvation. You are born again and headed for heaven. However, most Evangelicals, including me, believe that baptism should _follow_ conversion to Christ. It is a sign of what has already happened.

Secondly, I think you would deprive yourself, if you fail to be baptized at this juncture, of the blessings that accompany obedience to this command of God.

Finally, yes, I agree you definitely should request your name to be removed from the Church rolls. (View letter)

I think you should do it not only for your own benefit, but as a witness to those leaders within the Mormon Church who will have to read it.

Thanks for your interest in Through the Maze Ministries.

I am mailing you a packet of information I think you will find helpful.

Jim Spencer