Dear Mr. Spencer,

Thank you for the information which you have given, In this past few weeks I have been visited by Mormons wanting me to join their church as I am sure that you know I was asked by them to ask the Holy Spirit to see that if The Book Of Mormon is not true and thanks to That my question has been answered I say answered because several years ago while living in Bremerton Wa. I had the same incounter with Mormons and asked to do the same thing (ask the Holy Spirit the samething) which I did I prayed for a full week with all my heart, and at night while I was falling asleep a very bright light appeared and I heard a voice simply say ( IT IS NOT True ) and the light disapeared.

The same thing happen last night, It was not a bright light but I suddenly had the urge to check things out on the internet and just typed the word Mormons on Goggle search. I don't know why but your web page was the one that mostly got my attention, I read your book on how you used to be a Mormon, that got me going and did not stop until I finished it. There are a lot of strange things that these people do to me they seem like robots only sticking to their presention and are quick with a response when you ask them anything about the Bible and The Book Of Mormons. One question that I asked was why was there a book written as another testament of Jesus, when the Bible says that nothing should be added or taken away from it, their response was that it was only talking about The Book Of Revelation and not the whole Bible, Please let me know what you think of this.

I am now ready to start reading another book by you, "Have You Witnessed To A Mormon Lately. Thank you for the books which you have put over the internet. I agree with you that I should not hate Mormons but I do blame their church..

Thanks again



Thank God you were steered away from Mormonism.

The most important demonstration of Mormonism's falsehood, however, is not our internal reaction to it, but its failure to measure up to teaching doctrine in accordance with the Word of God. All new revelation must be judged by past revelation (the Bible, which has stood the test of time). When a new "prophet" comes along, we must judge his so-called revelations by the Bible.

The missionaries are correct in one sense when they say the Book of Revelation teaches not to add to the visions of glory presented in it. But the Bible goes far beyond that. It is not that God _could not_ give us new revelatins today, but that He can never give us revelations that contradict what He previously said. Mormonism does that in spades!

I pray that you will continue you research. I also pray that you will get plugged in to a good Bible-beieving church.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry