Name: Joshua

Mr Spencer,

Im 15 I attend a Protestant school in NY and am LDS, I read the first chapter in your book, and it troubles me to read what you mentally went through, never the less, I cant see how you could have not understood what(or why) what happend ,happend.

I Bear the Holy Aaronic Priesthood and well I was at a Stake priesthood meeting at the Hill-Cumorah, I felt the spirit stronger than any force on the face of this earth( and I know this was not of satan, because when temptation comes it feels totally differant.

I ask you to please write back to me Im very curious what happend and I can honestly say there are many, many false teachings in Protestantism ( believe me Ive spent hours talking to pastors at my school).I urge you to please write back.

Thank you, God Bless,

Brother Josh


If you send me your snail address, I will send you the whole book. Or, if your would rather, I can post it online for you.

As to your feelings. There are about 10 million Mormons. There are more than 1 _Billion_ Muslims. About 100 for every Latter-day Saint. Most of them would die because they _know_ Mohammed is a prophet, Islam is the One True Religion, and the Koran is God's Word for mankind.

Think about it. Your feelings about something and $4.00 will buy you a latte.