I am very impressed with the bool of mormon comparison machine. I wish it was larger and more extensive. I am currently engaged in discussion with mormon missionaries who have been trying to convert me. They have never met a gentile like me. I have studied cults since I was 16. I am now 25.

I am seeking to absorb as much info as possible so that I might put the matter to rest and be equipped to deal with any further mormon attempts to convert me. I seek only the Truth for myself and my family. Walter Martin has been my main source of reference. He's great, but your comparison machine puts the verses side by side for easy comparison. I love it. Expand it if possible.



Thanks for the nice letter. Walter Martin was a personal friend. He died in 1989. But you can hear him endorsing one of my books at:


I hope you will read my book, _Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately?_ at:


If you send me your snail address, I will send you an information pack, a couple of tracts, and a couple of phamplets.

Jim Spencer