Hello Mr. Spencer,

Its been a while since I wrote to you. You remember, I told you some time ago that some how the Mormon elders got me convinced and got me baptised into LDS. After reading your book (Beyond Mormonism ) and personal investigations I have stopped going to the church for almost a year or over a year now.

Now, the vice president of the church (the branch here) is saying if I don't come back to join the church my life will be worse than it was before. Moreover he told me that I have been bought by the blood of Jesus Christ into the LDS church and can not go back or join any bible believing church. His point was after my baptism I have received the Holy Ghost, Aaronic Priesthood and the Patrical blessing. AND the Lord expects me to be an active member of his church. I have been thinking about this a lot and do not know what to do BUT in short I'm not going back to that church again.

I am now a born again Christian and would want to remain Christian and have a personal relationship with Christ until I die oneday. I need some prayers and advice, Mr. Spencer. Do I need to get baptised again in a Bible believing Church before my life will come back to normal ( as they claim is going to go worse ) or what.

Please write back soon.

Your Brother in Christ,



I'm sorry the local Mormons are harassing you and threatening you. You must be firm with them. You must tell them to stay away from you. You could even tell them you will tell the police that they are harassing you. That will probably send them running because the Mormon Church is afraid of negative public relations.

No, Joe, you do not need to be baptized in another Church in order to have your life straightened out. However-and it is a BIG however-if you have become born again since you left the Mormon Church (as opposed to before you joined the Mormon Church) you indeed do need to be baptized. And yes, there are real and present benefits that accompany Believer's Baptism.

The Bible tells us that we need to be baptized after we have come to saving faith in Christ. We do so out of obedience to clear biblical commands, and we do so in order to deliver a message to the world, and to the devil. And, in this case, you would, indeed, be delivering a message to the Mormon Church.

In addition, Joe, you need to officially resign from the Mormon Church. You do that by sending a letter to the local branch president, the mission president, and the president of the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City. Here is a link that will help you do that:


I pray God will strengthen you so that you can stand up to these bullies.