Oct. 28, 1999


Recently my husband, Eric and I joined the ranks of the other three Christian churches in Draper (pop. 26,000) as church planters. Imagine, God sent four churches to this little community, which otherwise had no Christian churcheswithin one year!

We are thrilled and amazed with all the Lord is doing here. Four families came with us and now we understand why.

Anyway, we've really enjoyed Beyond Mormonism: An Elder's Story and Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately? and appreciate your wisdom and insight. We first learned of your ministry at Salt Lake Christian Fellowship. The Foursquare denomination "sent" us here (but we know it was God!)

Keep it up. I wish we could contribute financially, but we have no income. We will pray.

Jesus' blessings,

Jodi Van Rhee



Thanks for your nice letter.

Wow, Draper, Utah! What a place, huh? Praying God will open doors no man can shut and that you will, with seasoning, be a strong voice for the simple love of Jesus there.

If I can help, let me know. If you are up for controversy, invite me down for some meetings. I'll come at my own expense.