Mr. Spencer,

Thank you for your prayers, I certainly need them.

Do you mind if I ask you any more questions?

I have read the texts contained in the sites you previously suggested. I especially paid attention to the e-mails you have exchange with Mrs. Taylor and have noticed you have mentioned that it was good for her to attend services in the Calvary Chapel. There is one in my area not far from my home. However, I was told (by other Christians, one a former lds member) that members of the Calvary Chapel, at least in the one I speak of, is hostile toward Mormons. Can you clarify if you can, their attitudes of Mormons (particularly those in transition)? I would like to attend (with my children) services other than Sacrament Meeting in the hopes of learning other's perspective of the Gospel.

Thank you so much.


I only wish it were true. Seldom, if ever, does a church have the courage to say even the tiniest thing against Mormonism. Second, an active Mormon will be quick to think "they are persecuting us," when indeed they are not. Having said all that, not every church called Calvary Chapel is part of the Calvary Chapel denomination. I know a Baptist Church in Idaho with the name "Calvary Chapel."

What you want to do is visit churches. You want to find a good, Bible believing church. Think in terms of Southern Baptist, Assembly of God, Foursquare, Calvary Chapel, Bible Churches, etc.

Stay away from Seventh Day Adventists, (non instrumental) Churches of Christ; United Pentecostal. I would not suggest Catholic.

There are good "mainline" churches, but you have to be careful because they can often be very liberal (not believing in the full deity of Christ, for example.) Mainline churches include Lutheran; Methodist, Presbyterian, etc. (Although individual pastors and congregations can be be healthy.

Bottom line: take your time, visit several, keep your eyes and ears open. God will lead you.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry

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