Hi, Jim

I know you're busy!! And if you are not the one to read this...I completely understand...but if you are...thank you for taking the time! It is because of your quick response to my inquiry that I started dissecting my religion of 33 years (mormonism) without the rose-colored glasses on.

My story, ever so brief...I was known as a molly-mormon. I attended every sunday service; when they needed someone to pray they called me; needed a testimony borne, they called me; president of most classes...including young womens and seminary. Which, funny as it is, I became "master scriptorian" and only now am I truly understanding the Bible.

After a brief time becoming inactive...due to my husband... (also mormon-inactive) because he didn't know if there really was a God. Which made my faith waiver. I felt bad and soon after my visiting teachers found out I could play piano I then became the pianist for relief society. A year later...I became the 2nd counselor in primary. It never felt right...I always felt we were missing something. One whole year was dedicated to teaching about the prophets and nothing else. How sad!! Another year, the temples...where was Jesus? I know now, thanks to a wonderful, patient friend and your news letter, I found the truth. It's not about religion but about the relationship with God...knowing that Jesus is my Savior! I am proud to say, I'm a christian and no longer mormon. Plus...thru much prayer and faith...and seeing big changes in me...my husband has also excepted Christ into his heart.

This miracle only God himself could perform!! I had to let it go and stop trying to change him. I realized, God wanted me far more than I wanted him...and now I hunger to read the Bible and to be with Him. God is GREAT!! Thank you for all the work you are doing. You not only saved me but my husband and all three of my kids!!

Thank you...You will always be in our prayers.



Wow! What great story. I'm posting your letter to my web site. But how about writing a slightly longer testimony I can post online. And, remind me--if you can--what your first questions were that I responded to so quickly.

Praise the Lord! People like you are what keep me "at it."