I want to thank your daughter for taking the time to type in your book and YOU for sharing your experience and knowlege. I grew up in the Mormon church, very "active". At 18 I left home and quit going out of laziness. I always felt guilty tho. My husband had attended church with me when we were in high school, and always said Mormons had it wrong. They never preached of Jesus and always Joseph Smith. I always felt hurt and had to "defend" my faith.

We have since joined a Methodist Church and are very "active" in this church. BUT...14 years after having quit going to the LDS church, I still felt the need to DEFEND the church whenever someone in Sunday School would talk about it being a CULT. And in defending it, I CONSTANTLY found my self saying, "We believe..." !!!!

So I have been so torn, and part of me worrying that I am leaving behind something so comfortable and so right, because I grew up with it. But Lately God has been talking to me A LOT!!! In so MANY ways He has been leading me to question it. I was assuming it was because I shouldn't have left. It was driving me crazy that He wouldnt let me just FORGET IT!!!! So I asked my husband, "Why do you think God is DOING THIS TO ME??? What does He WANT from me?" My husband suggested that maybe God WANTED me to do research and find out for myself so I could move on. But I didnt do anything about it other than pray, and I didnt get an answer from that.

God works his will in strange ways though... A good friend of mine called the other day and asked me, "Have you ever heard of this church called, The Church of (I KNEW it was Coming now!)... I can't remember... something, Saints?" [Then she said] "It's a CULT! I was just cutting a lady's hair and she was telling me about it. I am all freaked out now!"

So what do I do??? I DEFEND IT!!! Got off the phone, depressed, beaten down and thinking, "OK GOD! I AM LISTENING NOW!!!!!" Hop on the internet and type in "Mormon Cult" And here I am. Read your book and visited the info page. And I am VERY grateful that you shared your story and wisdom and now I have the peace that I needed so that I can TOTALLY leave it behind!

Now to carefully introduce this info to my parents... :)




Thanks for a great letter! I'm so thankful that you finally got cornered by God so you _had_ to think for yourself in this matter.

The process you describe is all too typical. For me, of course, it is frustrating. I wonder (I am not being critical here) why people don't investigate these things earlier. Of course, the answer is that whoever has been part of Mormonism has paid a price fot that involvement--not matter how incidental it was. There is a _spiritual_ dimension here. To this very day, even I have to be careful to avoid the seductive (but evil) spirit of Mormonism.

I know many people will think I am being overdramatic when I say that. But I know it is true. There is a strong spirit of deception in Mormonism. It is doctrines of demons formulated by seducing spirits.

Thank God you are free.

I am sending you a packet of information that you will find helpful. Also posting this to my web site (I won't post your name, however.)

Keep me posted,

Jim Spencer