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Letters and Questions

This is the place to ask questions. I will respond to all in a timely manner.
No question is "dumb."


Read Questions by Others:

"They should call Kimball's book It's a Miracle if You Get Forgiveness!
"The Miry Clay of Mormonism
"Thanks from a prisoner
"Your book: my first step back to God
"Your book helped me trust God
"Thanks for an "Instant" Resource
"My eyes have been openedThanks!
"Great job on "Whited Sepulchers Book"
"Do my dead ancestors contact me?
"The information you sent me was the final reason I did not join the Mormon Church
"Unequally yoked!
"They did not tell me I'd be following the commands of Lucifer!
"Without the rose-colored glasses
"Sir! You have been warned!!
"Thanks, you saved me!
"God does work in mysterious ways!
"Looking for a Church
"Prince Hal exits Mormonism
"I will praise God forever that I am out of the hell that is the Mormon Church!
     "Resignation Letter
"I thought writing a novel was a bad way to go
"A Canadian Encounter
"I hope you burn in hell
     (requires RealAudio)

"Ravi in the Tabernacle???
"A Pathetic Pagan Appeal
"Need the Public's Help
""We had a wonderful life together for 67 years"
      -(See "To Sharon with Love")-
"Did you ever have a testimony, Jim?
"I'm questioning everything!
"Where were you when I was coming out of Mormonism???
"I guess we are on a journey again...sigh
"I don't know how your site popped up on my screen!"
"What do I do next? I'm stuck.
"Do you think I should be rebaptized?
"How do you feel about agnostics?
"I would really love to live in a place where my underwear was nobody's business!
"Kings and Priests!
"I thought you were from Satan!
"Did Jesus build His Church on Peter?
"I want the bishop to understand the damage he is doing!
"My girlfriend's back!
"I took two Mormon missionares to dinner
"Was it God; or an unclean spirit?
"The Holy Spirit has laid something on my heart
"Too outlandish for words
"I refused to commit to temple ceremonies without knowing what I was comitting to!
"I tried to take my life
"You are not going to like my answer...
"I'll admit I was a little frightened when I began to read your book...
"The missionaries tell me they don't talk bad about other religions
"What do Mormons mean when they say they are "Saved?"
"Why are there no crosses on LDS Churches?
"I prayed about the Book of Mormon
"Where is the love in the Mormon Church?
"Can a Mormon become born again and stay in the Mormon Church?
"I have Tons of questions!
"Two days from returning to Mormonism!
"Our Mormon Friends
"Christianity influenced by Mormonism?
""I hate to see people tearing down the Mormon Church"
"I just read "The Brethren are Lying!"
"Why did God change from a war God of the Talmud, to a peaceful God of the New Testament?
"Sabbatarianism and the Law
"I admire your enthusiasm
"I am looking for another faith to join
"How do I believe? How do I repent?
"Satan answered my prayers!!!
"Three Heavens??
"I couldn't help myself from defending Mormonism!!
"Our son and daughter-in-law are going wrong
"I wish every Mormon could read your book!
"After your seminar in Idaho Falls...
"Your material turned my daughter from Mormonism
"Your book changed my life!
"Wow! Finally!
"I never wept so hard in my life
"Another nice exchange
"A nice series of letters
"The Trinity??
"The sad, sad truth
"Shouldn't I just pray about the Book of Mormon?
"I just read Heresy Hunters
"Deceived all my life
"My son is very vocal about not wanting to go to the Mormon Church
"Perception is Not everything
"Have you found something better?
"Civil Liberties in Arizona
"Thanks for putting this out there!!
"We were burned by church. Where do we go from here?
"My in-laws told me Mormons really are Christians
"I am "coming out" of the church
"I hope it is not a coincidence that I found your site!
"I was given your book at a garage sale!
"What a great video!
"It is now 7:37 a.m.
"From Japan
"I asked God last week to show me about Mormonism
"The "Form" of God
"I literally weep at the testimonies of changed lives!
"You Lie! There's no such place as Kolob and no such God as Eloheim.
"Thanks for helping me back from Eastern Mysticism!
"Where do I begin?
"Keep going, Jim!
"I left the Unitarian Universalist Church and stumbled onto your web site trying to look into Mormonism
"I drove from Dallas to Salt Lake City to check out what you said about the occult markings on the temple....and left the LDS Church
"I discovered Mormonism is Really different.
"What about judgement in 2 Cor 5?
"How can I talk to my friend?
"Who's confused, Rocky?
"Did the Jews fix the torn temple veil?
"The BoM Comparison Machine is the best.
"I see now that Mormonism is Occult indeed.
"Yes, Bryan, I'm making a ton of money
"I found your website by accident!
"Dial 911!
"I think I made a mistake
"Hooray for the BoM Comparison Machine!!
"I burst into tears at the computer...
"Help! I'm Scared!
"What should I ask my husband?
"The most astounding information I have come across!
"Bought you book for a dollar!
"Thank God for this site!
"We were trying to find the homepage for
The Mormon Church, and we found yours instead!

"I just lost my daughter!
"I want out!
"Can Mormons drink Coke or not?
"Thanks for your book. I was almost fooled by Mormonism
"Thanks! The Web Site Helped Me Understand a Lot of Things
"How Do I Find a Church?
"A Fourth Generation Mormon
"I Get So Depressed Reading Your Material
"Why are the original 14 Articles of Faith now 13?
"The Time Machine is Awesome!
"What Really Is A Mormon Mission?
"Thanks For the Love You Show
"Is this right? I don't think so.
""My heart will ache for you...When your soul is filled with horror as your Savior asks you why you gave your soul to the Devil."
"How About the Spirits in "Prison?
"Where Do Mormons Go to Church?
"Is Our Pastor in Error?
"The Mormons are Trying to Steal My Daughter!
"Thanks! Your Books Were a Blessing!
"We Left the Church!
"Thanks for Beyond Mormonism
"Thanks for the website!
"What is Happening to My Kids!!!
"I Read the First Chapter of Your Book
"God Bless You!
"Why Are You Against Mormons?
"Mormon "Authority"
"Isaiah 29
"Lifelong Mormons
"What about "baptism for the dead?"
"What happens in the temple marriage ceremony
"Should my daughter go to the baptismal service?
"Is polygamy always wrong?
"Thanks for Beyond Mormonism
"Thank You! Thank You!
"Are the Heathen really Lost?
"World Trade Towers a Cruel Joke?
"Let's Not Worship with Latter-day Saints
"Update from Shana
"Wife born again after reading Beyond Mormonism
"Seed Bears Fruit
"Recovering Ex-Mormon
"Your book gives me new hope
"A Christian Punker caught in Mormondom
"I'm leaving the Mormon Church!
""Heart Attitude" Problem
"Lilly-livered hand wringers
"Ignore him
"Hard Case Witnessing
"I need your address to thank you
"How do I keep my friends without having to sit
through the missionary lessons?

"How do I find out if the Book of Mormon is true?
"Do they Really Believe They Can Become Gods?
"Thanks for your material
"Thanks from the 1980's
"God of this Planet?
"My wife is about to join the Mormon Church!
"Mormon Easter Bunny
"My RLDS husband
"Who's Lying?
"I read your book to my husband last night
"No Public Discussion Allowed in Zion
"A Few Questions
"Prison Ministry Says Thanks
"Draper, Utah!
"Quit Judging Other People!
"Sexual Acts in the Mormon Temple?
"Why does the Mormon Church Display Hopi Dolls?
"Former Missionary Having Doubts
"Thanks, Jim!(See "Help! I'm Losing My Wife" below
"I'm supporting Through the Maze!
"17 years of Mormon depression-now set free
"Two Mormon Missionaries

Letters about Dating Mormons

"I'm more concened for his soul than my relationship with him
"I was baptized Mormon two monsths ago
"My Mormon Boyfriend
"What advice do you have for me?
"My Mormon Boyfriend
"Yet another "Dating a Mormon" letter
"My Mormon boyfriend
"Your Book Hit Close to Home
"A Pitiful Story I Have Heard So Many Times Beforedating
"My girlfriend
"Will there be marriage in heaven?
"I'm So Excited!

Oldies but Goodies
"Help! I'm Losing My Wife!
"Cotton to Sonia
"What is Being "Born Again?"
"Water Witching
"Bravo! from a former Mormon
"What an Effective Ministry!
"Thanks for remembering us in prison
"Thanks for helping us escape from Mormonism
"My husband accepted Christ out of Mormonism
"Woman hears radio interview--leaves Mormon Church
""The Golden Bible" is a Treasure!
"I should have written you sooner!
"Why is the Mormon Temple So Secret?
"The Old "Stick of Israel" Deception
"ExMormon Seeks God Concerning Ministry
"Is Michael Jesus?
"How to Resign from the Mormon Church
"Barking like dogs and squealing like pigs
"Missionaries Converted?