I want to thank you for your ministry. During the 1980s, I contacted you and you sent me your book Beyond Mormonism. I read it with the Tanners book Mormonism Shadow of Reality. Between the two books I had enough doubts that I requested my name be removed from Mormon Church records.

After years of being away from the church, I was allowed to be rebaptized and confirmed a member again. I have been a faithful member of the Church including being temple worthy and doing temple work.

It did not take long to remember that the church is not what it seems on initial investigation. I had so many questions. I still had your book and I read it again. I realized that what I was missing was a relationship with Jesus Christ. I realized the god of Mormonism is not the same God of the Bible. I now have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I just want to encourage you and those who partner with you to continue your work and not to grow weary. You sowed a seed in my life in 1986 that bore fruit in 2001. I praise God for you, your ministry and your partners. I understand your passion to share your faith in Jesus Christ with those of us who were so deceived by Satan into believing that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church and that the Book of Mormon was true. May God bless you for your faithfulness.