We know Mormonism is wrong about most things. But we don't know much about what heaven is really like. The Bible is very high on marriage. It says that two people who marry become "one flesh." There is one verse in the Bible where Jesus says "they neither marry or are given in marriage, but are like the angels). But, you know, it is hard to build an entire theology on that one verse.

I say it this way. When my wife, Margaretta dies, she will go to heaven. When I die, I will go to heaven. So I will spend a lot of time at her house. Will I know my kids? Yes? Will we have relationship? Yes. Is there sex in heaven? Who really knows? At my age, I'm beginning to home _not._ :)

I don't know if conveying some of this to him will help. All I can say is that God loves us. He created males and females. He instituted marriage. We become one flesh. I don't know what will happen in heaven, but I know this--it will be great!

Hang in there.

But, I have to say this, that if he doesn't become born again, and if you marry him, this problem will be the _least_ of your problems. Life will be hell on earth.


Dear Mr Spencer,

I wrote to you not long ago about my Mormon boyfriend who's on his mission right now in Colorado Springs. The Lord has started opening Brad's eyes to some things, and I haven't even sent my letter about the "plurality of gods" and the Ezekiel and Thess passages yet. Things are starting to go really well, but I have a quick question for you.

He is absolutely terrified of not having an eternal marriage. He doesn't understand why God would give us such a wonderful thing and then not allow it to continue in heaven. Right now, this is the biggest obstacle for me, because I don't know how to address this. He has so much fear of spending eternity without being in the family unit. I have a hard time sometimes getting him to discuss other issues, because he can't get past

Love in Christ,