Nov. 8, 1999

I heard you speak when you were in Sheridan ; this summer and will explore this site more when I have time ; I think it is good. Have a question about some e-mail I received and want to know how you would handle it. Should Christians join LDS forces for a good cause? I have done nothing with it.

My daughter married a "non practicing Mormon" but he gave her a ring she wears that has C T R ; on it. She says it is LDS ; for Choose The Right. Can you give me any explanation of this?

Also, why do LDS always call God nothing but "Heavenly Father"?




I once had a Mormon Stake President come to me to invite me to be part of an anti-pornography campaign sponsored by "Christian churches." I told him I was more worried about Mormonism in Idaho Falls (where I pastored at the time) than I was pornography. Mormonism touched many more people than pornography and separated them as effectively from the Gospel of Christ.

Of course the Stake President was shocked. But I asked him to consider that I was trying very hard to win Mormons out of Mormonism and to genuine Christianity. How confusing would it be to stand before the community in a way that suggested the differences between Mormonism and Evangelical Christianity were minor.

CTR does, indeed, stand for Choose the Right.

Mormonism teaches that the God of this world is a god named Eloheim. He is the spiritual father of Jesus, you, me, Satan, and all the his other "spirit offspring." He is not the One True and Living God of the Universe. He is one of many gods and goddesses who rule over planets. This just happens to be "his." So he is our "Heavenly Father."

Hope that helps.