I've been trying to find this out for a long time and hopefully you can help. I'm actually related to Bringham Young (as is 1/2 of Utah) but back in the 80's my dad came home from work and said now the mormons can drink Coke because they have bought stock in Coke (or Pepsi). My girlfriend was mormon and her family still is. They all drink coke like there is no tomorrow, but look down at me because I drink Tea. I was just trying to find out why it is ok to drink coke and why can't they drink tea (which is much better for you than coke)

Thanks for your help



It will never make any sense. First off, not all Mormons will drink Coke, but most do. The "law" that drives them is the 89th section of the Doctrine and Covenants which says you can't have "hot drinks."

Well, that usually is interpreted to mean coffee and tea. But what about hot chocolate? They consume great amounts of that.

And can you drink coffee if it is cold?

Or could you not drink Coke if it were heated?

So, like all leagalists, they are left to fret over what "they think it all means."

Hope that helps.