Praise the name of the Lord!!!

Hi!This is Emi writing from Japan.

I'm much highly impressed with your ministry. I really Thank God for all of you. Actually,I was member of mormon, I had no idea what mormon is, I thought it's one of christan church. But one day...that day was coming... God said Emi you must stay away from them... you know? This was so miracle and long story...

I'm keep praying that I wanna serve God. I wanna help who are troubled in cult (LDS,JW...) I believe this is my way I go... Would you pray for Japan and me? It's so hard to learn about cult in Japan. If you don't mind,would you advice me?

Anyway...Thanks a lot!!!

May God bless

In Chirst emissary,



So nice to receive your letter. I praise God that He spared you!

The best I can offer you is to continue to browse my web site. You will find all of my books online there and all of my newsletters, plus tons of other stuff.

And if you have a specific question, email me and I will try to answer it. I also recommend that you read the "Letters" section of my site. By the way, I am posting you letter there.

Unfortunately, I am not mailing material outside the US at this time.