Dear Jim,

I got your (7-19-99) "Special Appeal" and wasnt really going to do much about ituntil yesterday. I already give in tithes and gifts more than $125.00 every month and that all I can doIm Social Security (and it aint much, believe me).

Back to yesterday. A couple of Mormons came by and knocked on my door. I had them in, they said they wanted to talk about Jesus. That had that Jesus video thats been advertised on TV and I like to talk about Jesus anyway.

I told them I had thought about sending for the video but I didnt have a VCR so I really didnt want to take advantage. The two young me asked to come in anyway, so I said "fine."

To make a long story short, they didnt want to talk about Jesusthey wanted to tell me about "Jo Smith"! So I talked to them about Jesus. As it turned out they didnt know much about Jesus at all." So we talked an hour or more and I, in the kindest way I could, took them through the Bible and showed them that John the Baptist was the last real "Prophet" and that from there on it is Jesus and only Jesus. I dont think they knew what to thing.

Well, theres more but I dont want to get carried away. Now to the point. I cant send much, but here is $8.00 and my prayers in Jesus name. Keep up the good work.