Dear Jim,

Just wanted to drop you a long overdue note to thank you for your ministry and books. I know it was God ordained when I saw you on TBN. I cannot remember how I got your address but I did. I read the three books regarding Mormonism. It confirmed many things that was happening to me and that I became aware of when I moved to Salt Lake City six years ago. You called me on the phone once to confirm my credit card number. Being an African-American woman in the Zion Curtain area has been quite an ordeal. However, if it was not for your newsletters, I would not have been equipped to handle it. I was under great attack from the spiritual enemies in this place. And when I began reading your books, the attacks became fierce. But I am still here by the grace of God being used as a light to these gentiles.

We had the March for Jesus on Saturday. The turnout was pitiful! The problems that we face here among the Christian community just makes me shake my head. I came from the east coast. We had more unity and a sense of community. The spirit over this place affects us Christians. It is a struggle to do a lot of things, so you just give in to complacency.

Good News! I met two Christians at the March for Jesus. One was converted from Mormonism. I gave her your web site and am sending her a copy of lasts month newsletter. She lives in Roy, Utah. The other one just moved here a month ago. She told me that she had entered into depression and did not want to go out of her house. I told her that the same thing happened to me when I came here. She also said that the Christians seem to give into a prevailing attitude about the Mormons, such as, "just let them be." She said that some of the people looked weird. I told her I noticed the same thing when I first came here. I stood on corner of 4th South and State Street and noticed that the people looked like they were in some kind of stupor. It helped allay her fears that she was not just imagining it. I told her all about you and your ministry. You are the only person (along with your partners) that speak the truth about what is going on with Mormons--they are not Christians!