Thank you for your quick response. My church has started a Mormon outreach group and we plan on attending your meeting in November. One of our members has already contacted you (Heidi). I just finished your book Beyond Mormonism. Very informative and entertaining, I finished it in about 6 hours!

I am currently witnessing to my girlfriend, Lisa, who is a Mormon. With the help of the Holy Spirit I have had some success. She attends my care group with me, goes to church with me and has only been to a Mormon church twice since Easter. She has also confessed she is a little unsure about the Mormon religion. I know the family influence is making it extremely hard for her. I pray continually that the Lord will melt her heart to Him and she will see for herself

I guess before I get too carried away here, I'll just ask you one question. What advice to you have for me?

Thank you and God bless!



You mean other than the obvious question, "Why are you dating an unbeliever?"

Other than that, it sounds like you are doing all the right stuff. And I hate to be so hard-headed on the dating issue, but it is hard to ask God to help you when you are in willing violation of the rules. My exeprience (and, believe me there are exceptions) is that you cannot win your unsaved lover to Christ.

All of the signs you see that point to her "getting it" will be trumped when and if you actually begin taling about marriage. And _if_ you go ahead and marry, she will return to the Church when the first child comes.

All of this unless she firmly converts to Christ before you go any further. And as I say, your commitment to what you are trying to get her to receive (Christianity) is compromised in her eyes by your disobedience to the biblical injunction against be yoked to an unbeliever.

Let me put it this way. If you are interested in winnning Mormons, you need to witness to them _before_ you start dating them.

I recognize this response may blow you out of the water, but my experience (again) tells me only a wake-up call can help either you are your girlfriend.

God lead you,