Well, I have always known that the Baptist church did not approve of Mormonism, and the word cult was always connected with the Mormon church, but I have never really gotten hard answers on the reasons for that belief

Some of the things that I have been told were that they did not believe that Christ is the son of God, and that they did not believe that they had to accept Christ as their savior to enter the kingdom of God. So, at Easter I went out on that limb and asked [my sister-in-law] some questions, and her answers were extremely "Christian" answers. She said that she did believe that Christ is the son of God, and that Mormons do believe in being saved...Needless to say, I was quite relieved to hear these answers, becasue they were a main concern to me.

She did mention the temples, and that no one that was not Mormon was not allowed to enter...which I thought was kind of weird. Anyway, as I said before, these are successful people, surrounded by successful people, and that seems to be a big draw also....She was raised in the Mormon church in Texas, and she told me once that they were taught that if anyone said derrogatory things about the church that they were to turn and walk away, and to never listen to negative feedback about the church.

She is extremely devout, so I am a little worried on how to even begin. My nephew is 8 and he is unbelievable...at 8 he can quote scripture....and I mean spout it. The fact that he is being fed incorrect information, and is obviosly listening to every word, is terrifying.

Thank you for your answers, and I will be researching in depth from this point further.



The problem with the answers she gave you is that the are incomplete. It is like saying "There is a red truck parked behind the house." And then you discover it is a toy truck. The words didn't accurately portray the meaning. In some cases they know that they are being deceptive; but often it is ignorance on their part. And we often are not deep enough in our theology to understand the differences.

When she believes that Jesus is the son of God, she does not believe what you do about Jesus. He is The Only Begotten Son. His sonship if different because he shares the God Nature with the Father and the Holy Spirit--they are One (and not simply "one in purpose." Jesus is the son of a god name Eloheim. And you are too. And so is Lucifer.

This kind of deception (or confusion) flows throughout Mormonism. On the one hand they want to be "accepted," and on the other, they want to hold on to their unique, cultish doctrines.

I'm sending you a packet of information that may help.