Dear Mr. Spencer:

As I was reading Hard Case Witnessing yesterday, I read with interest the arguments you made against the theory of evolution. However, as I was sharing these with my son, who is twenty-six, he said that all those arguments have been around for a long time, and they've all been refuted, and he told me to check out, which I intend to do today, because that seems to be where he got his information. Thanks to you and the earlier chapters in the book, I was able to stay calm and not get upset, as I have in the past. I noticed that the book was copyrighted in 1979, so my son is right in saying that the arguments have been around for a while. Do you have any current information or the names of currently eminent scientists who have strong arguments against evolution that haven't been refuted or who back up the information that you give in the book?

>Thanks for any information you can provide. I would dearly love to have my son accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

God's Blessings,



The world is still divided into those who believe in evolution and those who don't. Evolution, like the existence of God, cannot be proved. It is a tautology. Nothing has come along in the last twenty years to change anything. If anything, from my perspective, things like the Big Bang are more in doubt now than then. But, it is like Mormonism: a person is blind until he sees.

One thing in our favor. I don't really care if evolution is true or not. If God wanted to, He could have used evolution to create the species. I just don't see that evidence (still no one has ever observed a species coming into existence). But the evolutionist, on the other hand, has to believe in God and in Creationism if evolution is not true. He often does not want to do that.

Many well-educated scientists still see evolution as a religion, rather than as science. Unfortunately, I have not followed closely this battle in the past ten or so years. But, believe me, the Creationists have not had the props knocked out from under their position.

Thanks for your interest in Through the Maze Ministry.

Jim Spencer