Jim - Thanks so much for the book (Hard Case Witnessing) that you sent to me recently. I especially appreciated the section on the Idol of Secularism: Evolution.

I have been witnessing to a co-worker who grew up as a "Jack Mormon" in Utah. He was looked down upon by his peers because his parents smoked and drank. He realized that the LDS Church was not telling the whole truth about things when the "revelation" was received allowing the blacks to hold the priesthood. He stopped going to the LDS Church in his teens. Since that time he has figured that all churches probably are unreliable if examined.

One day at work he told me that he thought the internet was great because he had read about the strange secret doctrines of Scientology. He said that the church he grew up in had some secrets of their own. I asked him if he would like a copy of the LDS Temple Rituals and he said sure. He was very interested to learn about the secret handshakes etc. He also mentioned about how he found the book of Abraham to be of interest (the bit about Pharaoh being cursed as pertaining to the priesthood). I loaned him a copy of Larson's book "...by his own hand upon papyrus." After reading it he said "How can anyone read that book and still believe that the Book of Abraham is what it claims to be?"

His next questions were about the Bible. "Did I really believe it was true, all of it, even the Creation account? Hasn't science shown that the world is billions of years old?" God is so good. I had a stack of flyers at my desk to advertise a ICR Creationism Conference with Henry Morris. As I was giving one to my co-worker a Christian co-worker had over heard us and said "Morris, is that this guy?", and pulled out a copy of Morris's "Young Earth". My co-worker ended up going us to the conference and buying a stack of books on creationism. I've also shared with him a combo book by Floyd McElveen containing "God's Word, Final, Infallible and Forever, The Mormon Illusion, and From Mormon Illusion to God's Love.

I have been learning a bit about the various branches of Cultism and Occultism as I have been witnessing but your book has really helped pull it all together for me.