Mr. Spencer,

Praise God!! I just tonight talked with a woman in chat on the internet. Her son was baptized into the Mormon cult on Dec. 1st, 2002. She herself has not been able to be baptized into their cult because of feelings of "something just not right". I told her of a book I read by Judy Robertson called "Out of Mormonism". She was ecstatic with hope that she had found a source that could answer her questions about why she felt uncomfortable.

God used me to help a complete stranger to escape the Mormon cult before she got started in it. She is also determined to pull her son from their clutches through faith in Christ Jesus.

Praise God for your experiences and your book. I have referred her to your website for the most astounding information I have yet come across! Praise God!! PRAISE GOD......OUR GOD!! GOD WHO LOVES US UNCONDITIONALLY AND WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE US ETERNALLY!! Thank you for your WONDERFUL book! God bless you, my fellow Christian! With deepest love and admiration, Brenda

P.S.(I live in Cody, WY....just minutes from your hometown! How beautiful it is to receive encompassing and loving words of the Grace of God from a fellow Wyoming native!)



Thanks for the kind words and the great story. I am sending you some information and tracts you should find helpful.