Dear Mr. Spencer

I have been a fan of your ministry for quite some time now. You came to Oakview Church in Centralia, WA in the late 80's. I asked you to pray for me and it is really wonderful how God used you. I consider this event very important in my Christian experience.

I had been steeped in New Age religion since I was 15 years old (at the time we prayed I was about 37). I had been a Christian for 10 years, but had not been effective in waging a defence against the enemy. You, by God's Holy Spirit, communicated the authority I have in God, RENOUNCING the devil in JESUS' NAME!!! What a grip that was broken! I use this now when prompted by God's Spirit in situations where I can't understand what is happening in my own understanding.

I also remember an exhortation from you, "to study so that God can use you." I am a Director of a Crisis Pregnancy center and have had many LDS clients come for pregnancy tests. Some are married, but most are single. I have also been visited by the reginal LDS Adoption Service. As they were doing "their" thing, I was given an in depth understanding of why their women would prefer to abort their children, rather than adopt them. Specifically I was shown that they are so incredibly disillusioned by life, that they would not want to offer it to their own child. I shared this with the Mormon individuals, but it was off "their" agenda, sadly to say.

Would you consider, coming to Laramie, WY for a seminar? I am in a strategic place in the community, to organize and unify such an event with the churches in town. Prayerfully and Lovingly in JESUS' NAME!


Thanks for your nice letter.

I think you are on the right track, that you have a good handle on hearing from God, and that you just need to fill up your information banks from places like my web site.

In the mean time, I will send you some printed material. If you want to give me your last name, it would make the mailing a little more accurate.