NOTE: This couple visted our site
Aftewards they emailed me asking for the main site. Their entire message was "Main site?" I sent them the directions to and told them that if they would send me their snail mail I would send them some material.

I sent them Beyond Mormonism and Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately?

Here was their response:

Dear Jim

I wanted you to know I recieved the books and info you mailed me and both Bill and I have read the information. We are even more sure that we are doing the right thing by leaving the church.Yes, it still hurts and they (church) are still calling and stopping by every chance they can but we KNOW the church is not true and Do not want to raise our children to be lost either!

Thank you so very much for the books and sharing a bit with us about you and your wife's journey!

We do have a new email if you want to reach us.old email us

Again Thank you.

Bill and Denice

  Bill and Denise,

Thanks for the good report. So glad the material helped. Keep me posted, will you? Have you found a good Bible-believing church to attend? Or at least met some Christian friends to help you through this time?