Dear Mr. Spencer,

My name is Angela and I am 21 years old. I have been deeply moved by your book "Beyond Mormonism". I read it in one sitting. It's ironic because just before I got on the internet to read about mormonism from the point of view of non-members I was reading a book stating why one should join the church. However, now I know beyond a doubt that mormonism is a cult. This revelation pains and scares me more than I can imagine. The reason is, is because I am engaged to a Mormon. Our wedding is set in four months. I feel sick to my stomach about this.

About a couple of months ago I decided to go to church with my fiance. I really liked their family values, and how they seemed to have all the answers. That is something I strive for in my life, and maybe that's why I felt such a longing to belong--to feel confident that I knew where I was going. However, after all the missionary talks, the receiving of the Book of Mormon, I felt an emptiness unlike anything I have ever felt before. It was an overwhelming sense of dread, and I knew at that moment I would never be able to go through with the baptism. Even after that revelation I continued to go to church with him hoping that maybe my instinct was just fear of the unknown

Above all I desire a oneness and unity in our marriage. Him being Mormon and me knowing that it is a cult makes it hard for me to believe that we can acheive this goal. There are some things that comfort me though: He is not considered an active member. He goes to church, but he didn't go on his mission, has never been inside the temple, and doesn't hold any church positions. He has had the opportunity to experience different things with an open mind. However he has told me that he believes the church is the one true church. I believe he believes this because this is the way he was raised from the moment he was born. His parents are both extremely active in the church and yearn for both their son and I to "get on track". I have told him that the church is not for me. He has told me that he loves me more than anything, that he accepts me no matter what, and that he chooses me.

But what about later on--when he gets older and realizes something is truly missing in his life? What am I gonna do when he tells me it's time for him to take an active part in his church? Will our marriage survive? How will we raise our children? How do I go about telling him his church is false? I have so many questions and nobody can answer them.

I am prepared to completely hand over my life to Jesus Christ, but I scared that I might lose the one person I love more that myself. Can you offer me some advice please. I am heartbroken, and don't what my path is in this life. I lack faith when I need it the most. I appreciate your time, and I am sorry this ended being so long. God Bless.



I'm so sorry to say that I only have bad news for you.

If my 40 years of experience matters at all, I can tell you he _will_ return to the Church when your first child is born. He _will_ press you to become an active Mormon. It _will_ be hell on earth. It is not for nothing that the Bible warns--commands-- you not to be yoked (and think of the full meaning of that word "yoked") to an unbeliever.

I pray you will halt the marriage plans and wait for God to either bring him around or bring you a godly husband.

Tough words, my dear, but you are about to make a tragic mistake.

If you send me your postal mailing address, I will send you an information pack, a couple of tracts, and a couple of pamphlets.

I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

jim spencer

There _is_ life after Mormonism
There were _no_ Nephites