Dear Mr. Spencer,

I really don't know where to start. (I bet you get a lot of e-mail that starts that way).

My husband was brought up in the Mormon Church. Thank God he was, and still is, a seeker of Truth. Five and a half years ago he was seriously involved with a Mormon girl and trying to embrace the "religion." He had been out of the Church and seeking Truth for a least five years before he got involved with her.

I am so grateful to God that he would not, and could not accept the Mormon Articles of Faith. . . .Last night I read your book, "Beyond Mormonism" to him (we finished at 4:30 AM). Only after that did really, I mean REALLY see what an insidious cult Mormonism is, (and those were Paul's words).

I cried many times last night with joy and sadness while reading about your life, and testimony, and I know Paul was moved too.

Paul was extremely impressed not only on the detail of your research, but on how you handled the writing of your testimony with love, honesty, and Truth (the facts, with footnotes and appendixes).

Mr Spencer, Paul is still searching for the truth. He is truly, a seeker of God. Paul is a man of great intellect and is very philosophical. I have given him, Francis Schaffer,"How Should We then Live" and C.S. Lewis "Mere Christianity." If you have written any books on Christian apologetics or know of some others you might feel lead to share with me I would greatly appreciate it.

Your book also reminded me that Paul is God's concern and that I need to be concerned with my relationship with the Lord. I know He is FAITHFULL.

Thank you SO much for sharing with the world your life and testimony. It is no surprise that your ministry has born much great fruit.

God Bless You,




What a wonderful story. I am praying that God will continue to light Paul's pathway and lead him to Him. And I thank God for your faithfulness to continue in your witness to Paul.

May God richly bless both of you.