Hi Mr. Spencer,

I was just checking your web site and I think you are the only person that maybe could help me with my confusion about LDS. I was baptized on Sep06th 2003 and I tought I had made the right choice, but now I have all this doubts and questions in my head and I don't know how to answer them. Is LDS the right church? Are all their do and don'ts true? Is the book of Mormon a big lie? I would so much appriciate your help.


Ana's second letter to me:

Jim, I really appreciated that you took the time to phone to me. Everything made so much sense and after talking to you. I had to call my friend and tell her that Idon't want to be a member of the LDS church it was not a easy conversation, but I did it. Of course she told me that this is the devil's work and she knew that this would happend , but not so soon. I also called the missionaries and told them that I don't want to see them again and asked them not to send anybody to my house, because if they do I will not open the door, and I do hope that they respect my wishes. I'm very thankful for your web site , but more then that for the conversation we had over the phone. I look forward to your book and materials.

Once again thank you very much



  Ana's second letter to me

Yes, the Book of Mormon is a lie. I recommend you continue to read the material on my web site.

If you send me your postal mailing address, I will send you an information pack, a couple of tracts, and a couple of pamphlets.

Jim Spencer