Regarding your last note, you were sharp to notice that Melba's name was not on the return address. At the age of 93, Melba Passed away 5-3-04. We had a wonderful life together for 67 years. We were high school sweethearts. At the time of our marriage, she was teaching country school at forty dollars per month.

I am age 93, in good health , at this time. I am so glad that I could keep Melba here in our home to the end. She wanted to be with me. The very last day I took her in the golf cart, out in the yard to enjoy the flowers, and all the beauty of nature. Our home is in the country. That evening, I fixed dinner, candlelight and all. Later that evening, she had a massive stroke, and it was all over. Thank the good Lord, she did not have a period of long suffering.

Jim, hope that you are back to normal health, following your recent surgery. Your wisdom on scripture has been such a blessing to the both of us. Your thorough explanation of the plan of salvation has meant so much, to us.

'Enjoyed your book, Holy Murder. It kept me up Ôtil midnight, a couple times. All of your books have been very interesting, and informative.

Jim, I do not write letters, as you can see. Do not have Melba here to help. My very best wishes to you, and Margaretta.



Thanks for the very nice note about Melba's last days. How truly the Bible says "The righteous have hope even in death."

Though I never met either of you, I have carried you in my heart for these twenty years, because it was 1985 when I first heard from you. I can remember how you two wondered about the Trinity, and how Melba wrote, after listening to my tapes on the subject, "We can understand this!"

If ever a preacher had reason to thank God for "fruit," I certainly do in you two.

Let's look forward to having dinner together in heaven one day soon (assuming that we have dinner in heaven.) :)

Thanks for your love and prayers.

May God continue to richly bless ou.