Mr. Spencer,

When I was much younger i felt a constant "need" for something that I could not describe. I knew that there was something greater out there but i didn't know where or what form. As a young man in Junior high and later high school I began a methodical search for what was missing in my life. I grew up in North Texas in what was commonly called the Bible Belt. I started watching programs like the 700 Club and other televangilists and began reading the Bible. I felt that my search had begun but still felt that i was falling short. I began talking to friends who were of varying faiths and visited several churches and meetings. I went to small meetings and large Billy Graham crusades. I enjoyed what i was learning but still felt somewhat empty.

It was shortly after that I met with members of the Mormon church. They were friendly and seemed eager to help me answer some questions I had. They said they understood what i was feeling and would help me through it. I began going to early morning seminary and eventually became a full time member. Years later I even served a mission to Poland.

Today, I am still a very happy member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have felt and found that fulfillment I had searched so long ago--the touch of the Master's hand, the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ has helped me quit drinking, stop smoking, and helped me become a genuinely good person. I have married a beautiful woman who loves and supports me in all I do. I have truly come to know that God loves me and wants me to be happy.

I have thoroughly looked over your website and although I disagree with you, i appreciate your enthusiasm. I am truly saddened that so much of your energy is spent in trying to tear down others instead of drawing yourself nearer to our Savior Jesus Christ. But I want to wish you well. I pray that you may find peace in this life and in the life to come.




I get a lot of letters, some of them negative. Yours, however, was restrained and sort of good natured. You, of course, are not my target audience. Convinced Mormons are not receptive to what I have to say. I aim more for those who are abused, weary, or otherwise ready to reconsider the unreconcilable claims of Mormonism.

You are obviously aware of the extreme contradictions, but simply uninterested or unbothered by them. That the Book of Mormon is a fairy tale, for example, is not a problem to you. The ludicrous theft of the temple ceremony from Freemasonry, etc., etc. etc. has no impact on you.

So, in a sense, I should be flattered, I suppose, that you were able to ingest some of the material even though you have no need to do so. In that case, your feedback has been helpful and I thank you.

The following is a waste of breath, but I'll say it anyway. If Mormonism is not the Restored Gospel it is a false gospel and leading millions away from, not closer to, Christ. Why would you think--since I believe that to be true--that it is a waste of energy "trying to tear down" Mormonism. It is never a waste of energy to try and tear down idols of destruction.