CHRISTIAN LIBERALS (also known as modernists) believe the world has changed so dramatically since the Enlightenment that biblical terminology and creeds are incomprehensible to people today. (Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, Walter A. Elwell, ed., 1984) 631-32.
For the reason stated above, Liberals believe that theological questions cannot be resolved by an appeal to "authority alone." No questions are closed or settled (such as homosexuality). Reason, experience, and science, define truth as much as scripture. (Such as evolution). "The 'essence of Christianity' replaces the authority of Scripture, creeds, and the Church." (Ibid</> 632.)
Liberals are "humanistic optimists"--they believe in the inherent goodness of man. They base this hopefulness in their conviction that God permeates every aspect of His Creation. They say human society is evolving into the Kingdom of God.(Ibid)</>