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Natural or Artificial Food – What to Choose for Your Pet

Artificial Food
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We all want only the best for our furry friends. However, taking care of your pets can be quite a challenge when you have never done it before. You need to learn everything about the pet you have, including its breed, age, behavior, and other characteristics. This information is particularly important when it comes to your pet’s diet. Your pet’s health, mood, and even behavior depend on what they consume throughout the day. Considering how big a pet food mark et is, pet owners can always get what they are looking for in pet food. On the other hand, many people still prefer giving their pets natural food. This way, they can avoid any risk factors and irresponsible suppliers. Let’s see how dangerous artificial pet food can be and whether natural food is better for your pets. 

Natural Pet Food

Natural pet food is basically everything that is either home-cooked or raw. These are not something that can be easily bought pre-packed in any store. Most people who prefer natural pet food have to make it themselves. Natural food means that there were no chemically synthetic processes involved. Natural food doesn’t necessarily mean organic or raw. However, these food labels often get connected.  


Let’s start with the obvious. When you feed your pets with natural food, you always know what makes their diet. It is an ultimate advantage since you don’t have to worry about any unhealthy or addictive ingredients that can be present in artificial pet food. Of course, to avoid that, you can just read articles like sheba cat food reviews and learn more about ingredient lists yourself. 

Natural food also contains much more water than artificial products. Anyone who has ever given their pets artificial food, mostly if it was dry food, knows that they have to put water next to it. However, the cooking process of natural pet food requires a lot of water. A high dosage of water helps pets to digest the food easier and faster. Thus, it is a very healthy option for their organs. 

Costs of natural food can also be much lower than an artificial one mainly because people feed their pets with similar things that they already buy for themselves. However, different dog breeds will require different amounts of food. Thus, it will cost higher to feed a large dog with natural food than with artificial food. 


All in all, there is one major disadvantage of natural homemade food. Most pet owners are not veterinarians. Thus, they know quite little about pets’ nutritional requirements. It is easy to overlook the nutritional needs of a pet when you know close to little about it. Most artificial food is well-balanced or at least strives for it. Hence, a single food package should have all the proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other nutritions that your pet needs. If you are giving a pet only natural food, you need to take care of all those supplements yourself. It can be very confusing at first. Often, people miss at least one of the essential nutrients in a pet’s diet. However, even a small deficit can lead to serious health problems over time. 

Another disadvantage is that preparing natural food is time-consuming. Regardless of how much or little time it can take to cook a meal for a pet, it is still longer than opening up a can of premade food. Hence, it is not an ideal option for people with little free time on their hands. 

Artificial Food

Artificial food also means that you can easily find some of the best cheap puppy food that is both affordable and healthy. Puppies and kittens require a good, well-balanced diet to ensure their healthy development. Artificial food can serve you well here since it provides everything a puppy needs in just one meal. 


The main advantages of artificial foods have been already discussed above. Such foods often come in a large variety which allows finding foods specifically to your pet, their breed, age, and special nutritional needs, if any. You also can be sure about them getting all the necessary supplements. 


The major disadvantage of artificial food is bad pet food brands and lack of strict regulations. For example, more often than not, pet food manufacturers add various flavorings and colorings to their products. Even though small amounts of those items are not harming a pet’s health, they can drastically change over time. The consumption of synthetically colored or flavored products over long periods of time can result in health complications. 

Many food brands can also add things like fillers or pea proteins that do no good for your pets’ health. In addition, many dry pet foods can lead to dehydration, so a bowl of water should always be filled and put next to the food. However, such a disadvantage doesn’t concern wet or canned pet food.