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Top 5 Wood Cabinets That Will Give You a Versatile Kitchen

Wood Cabinets That Will Give You a Versatile Kitchen

As far as versatility, it is hard to top wood kitchen cabinets. They fit seamlessly into any style of kitchen, from old-fashioned to ultra-modern. Each type of wood offers its advantages and drawbacks, and you can decide which is best for your remodel or update. Whether you are upgrading individual pieces in your kitchen, or you are undertaking a full remodel, wood cabinets can fit into your scheme. Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense to delay your kitchen renovation because you are unsure about which one you should pick

Oak Cabinets

Oak has many benefits and is the most popular choice around for cabinetry. The wood is plentiful and readily available, no matter where in the world you live. It is sturdy and long-lasting, and will resist nicks and scratches better than many other kinds of woods. Staining and finishing oak cabinets are very straightforward, as well. Oak offers a wide variety of shading, from deep browns to light tans. 

Maple Cabinets

The main advantage of maple cabinets is its versatility and ease of staining. The wood grain shows through regardless of the color stain that is applied, and the tone can be adjusted to get the perfect look.  It has a naturally light color, which can add to neutrality in many kitchens. Maple cabinets will work in many kitchen styles, with multiple possibilities of pairing countertops and flooring. 

Walnut Cabinets

Luxurious kitchens often incorporate walnut cabinets. With a wide array of tones, walnut is ideal for many styles and color combinations in various kitchens. It is not as widely available as other hardwoods, and is prized for its beauty, texture, and intricate grain. Depending on your approach, a light finish will bring out the natural walnut subtleties, while a deeper finish will fit with classic, timeless kitchen styles.

Cherry Cabinets

You can expect to pay a bit more for cherry woodwork, including cabinets. The reason for this increased cost is that it is in high demand due to its rich grain and unique knots. Often used in more formal rooms in the house, it is becoming more and more popular for kitchen cabinets. These cabinets work well with many classic styles, but contemporary kitchen designs are using them more often. For those looking to infuse a luxurious, sophisticated touch into any form of kitchen, cherry cabinets can be the solution. Due to its reddish-brown hue, finishes can enhance the natural look of cherry.

Knotty Alder Cabinets

Knotty alder is a unique wood. It contains many knots and imperfections and is often used in specific styles to create an outdoorsy, natural feel. While not as adaptable as some of the other woods, more designers are getting creative and infusing knotty alder cabinets into more modern approaches. As homeowners are shifting towards eco-conscious mindsets, many are including natural materials and cabinetry. Knotty alder is authentic and can provide a way to bring the natural world into contemporary kitchens.


Wood cabinets seem to be here to stay. No matter the latest trends, this is one material that continues to be in cabinetry. Deciding which wood to integrate into your kitchen is a personal decision, but each offers the versatility you need.