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What do you do When Vacuum Cleaners (not) Suck?

vacuum cleaners

The job of the vacuum cleaner is to keep the home clean, but sometimes it needs to be cleaned as well. If the vacuum cleaner sucks badly, it may indicate that something is wrong. The electric giant’s expert on vacuum cleaners and cleaning products, the ones Modern Living 101 picked the tips for what you need to look for, and whether your vacuum cleaner has a guarantee.

Vacuum cleaners also need to be maintained and most preferably should be cleaned regularly. But what should you really look for? With these simple tricks, you can extend the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Has the vacuum cleaner sucked lately or has it started to sound strange? Then it may be time to give the vacuum cleaner an internal control. If the vacuum cleaner sucks poorly, it is usually due to the filter being tight and blocking the airflow of the vacuum cleaner. The life of the vacuum cleaner will be considerably longer if you treat it well and you change filters regularly. Preferably once a year, or when needed. It is also just as important to change the vacuum cleaner bag before it is completely full. 

Change Filters and Vacuum Cleaner Bags Regularly

vacuum cleaners
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He says that vacuum cleaners usually have one or two filters that you should check at some times. The job of the filter is to clean the air that enters the vacuum cleaner from dust particles. Eventually this filter fills up and needs to be replaced.

The most common is a microfilter that is placed in the same space as the vacuum cleaner bag. The second filter is a hepa filter. A hepa filter helps filter out the smallest particles from being blown out of the vacuum cleaner along with the air that passes through. This filter is therefore usually found where the air comes out of the vacuum cleaner.

When you buy new vacuum bags, you get a microfilter. This may be worth replacing right away so that it is not forgotten. When the filter becomes dense, the air cannot pass through the filter as it should. This can cause the engine to not get enough air and cooling, which in turn can cause the engine to fail. The same goes for vacuum cleaner bags. If the vacuum cleaner is running and the air cannot pass through the full bag, it can get hot. 


cleaner warranty Various vacuum cleaner suppliers have a one-year warranty. The three-year warranty covers any manufacturing defects, ie defects that are not inflicted by the customer. If the vacuum cleaner smells burnt and the filter is clogged, it may be a user error.

This means that vacuum cleaners should last for at least three years, but there are many vacuum cleaners that have a significantly longer life. 

Unsure if the Vacuum Cleaner has a Manufacturing Defect?

If you suspect that the fault is a manufacturing defect, you can hand in the vacuum cleaner to the service department in the department store where you bought the product, or another store nearby. If the defect turns out to be a manufacturing defect and the product has been submitted within the warranty period, you will receive a new product with the same specifications as the one you had originally purchased.

Don’t forget that broken vacuum cleaners should not be thrown in the garbage – they should be left for recycling. Vacuum cleaners and other electronic and electrical waste must be submitted to recycling centers or to stores. In this way, the materials are recycled, and neither metal nor plastic end up in nature.

Top 7 Vacuuming Tips:

vacuum cleaners
Image Source: pexels.com
  • Replace filter regularly
  • Replace the vacuum cleaner bag before it becomes full, not after
  • Use a carpet whip on carpets to remove superficial dust
  • Use a hardwood parquet nozzle
  • Avoid tossing the vacuum cleaner, and make sure it does not crash into walls and furniture
  • Do not pull excessively into the vacuum cleaner or cord. Change the electrical outlet as you move
  • Use the settings on the vacuum cleaner. This way you get the right effect, whether you vacuum hard floors, carpets or furniture