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Treatment in Germany – Why is it so Popular?

Treatment in Germany
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Treatment in Germany offers opportunities for foreign patients to get high quality medical care at an affordable price. The cost of therapy in German clinics may be lower than many people expect. The bottom line is that the prices are reasonable, medical care is of the highest level, the service is excellent, so no wonder that the number of patients choosing medical tourism in Germany increases year by year.

Why Do Many People Choose Germany for the Treatment?

World medicine today offers such a vast range of services and treatment options that there is no need to limit yourself to the possibilities of medicine in the native country alone. Germany is one of the leaders in the list of countries with the most developed and advanced treatment. The German government annually invests in health care, providing patients with world-class physicians, highly equipped hospitals, and impeccable medical services.

Life expectancy has risen in Germany over the past 30 years. All this is possible thanks to the development of medicine, prioritizing preventive measures, and the timely detection of dangerous predispositions.

Germany has long been a go-to destination for treatment for patients from all over the world. Luckily, at this point, most people can use the benefits of the German healthcare system.

Diseases That Are Treated In Germany

All kinds of diseases can be treated in Germany. But still, some areas of medicine are in high demand, including oncology, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, and gynecology.

Oncology is one of the most technologically advanced and fastest-growing fields of medicine. Successful cancer treatment requires highly qualified doctors, up-to-date equipment, and modern methods, all of which are available in Germany. Germany is one of the five countries globally that conducts 80% of all cancer treatment research. The latest techniques are used to combat cancer here, including radionuclide therapy, proton therapy, immunotherapy, etc.

Heart valve replacement and repair, coronary artery bypass grafting, treatment of congenital heart defects, and major vascular surgeries conducted in Germany are in great demand among foreign patients. In Germany, the procedures and surgeries are carried out with minimal health risks. Often interventions associated with mechanical trauma are performed with minimally invasive techniques in Germany.

Besides, the most complicated brain and spinal cord surgeries are performed in Germany, including minimally invasive tumor resection and deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease. Germany demonstrates the best results in the world in treating spinal hernias.

Tens of thousands of joint replacements are also performed in Germany annually. They are carried out with precise computer-aided navigation systems, thus minimizing the risk of endoprosthesis loosening. In Germany, scoliosis, congenital defects of the musculoskeletal system, and trauma complications are often treated.

German hospitals accept patients with endometriosis, uterine myomas, pelvic organ prolapse, benign neoplasms of ovaries, infertility, and other pathologies. As a rule, diseases requiring surgical intervention or minimally invasive procedures (such as uterine artery embolization) are treated in German hospitals.

Is It Possible to Undergo Treatment in Germany During a Lockdown?

It is possible to undergo medical treatment in Germany during a lockdown, but it’s essential to know how to go about it. People can go on the web and find a clinic or a doctor, but with this approach, people hardly get any guarantees. Specifically, during a lockdown, there has to be a clear understanding that your choice is reliable and you won’t waste your money and, most importantly, your time.

Contrary to popular belief, using third-party services for treatment organization doesn’t increase the cost of treatment but significantly improves the quality of medical services and reduces the waiting period.

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