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Top 7 Home Staging Ideas & Tips To Sell Your Home

Top 7 Home Staging Ideas & Tips To Sell Your Home

When listing your home for sale, you want to give potential buyers its absolute best look. Your aim here is to sell your home within the shortest time possible and still fetch a reasonable price. With the increased competition in the property industry today, you have to apply all the possible tips and ideas to make your home stand out against your competitors. The aspect of competition creates the need for home staging.

What is Home Staging

Home staging is an important trend in home selling that highlights your home’s most impressive aspects to make it more appealing to potential buyers. It seeks to help buyers picture themselves moving in and living in your home. When you do your home staging right, you will most likely sell your house fast and at a reasonable price.

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Selling a home can be overwhelming, especially if you do it without an agent. However, if you apply the home staging tips outlined in this guide, you will enjoy selling your house like a pro.

7 Home Staging Ideas & Tips To Sell Your Home

Here are a few home staging tips you may adopt to help your home sell fast;

Boost the Curb Appeal

First impressions matter and therefore, you should try to create an impressive curb appeal that will grab potential buyers’ attention. Any potential buyer seeking to buy your house will first do a quick drive-by tour of your home. The first impression they get determines whether they will proceed with viewing other aspects of your home. Therefore, to achieve a curb appeal that will lure potential buyers into your home, try these tips;

• Hang readable house numbers.
• Power wash the pathways and sidings.
• Plant blooming flowers or attractive greenery.
• Wash your front doors and windows.
• Add life to your porch by repainting and adding inviting furniture.

Stage Where It Counts

After creating an impressive curb appeal, the next thing is to stage your interiors. Always remember that not all rooms are equal when it comes to home staging. Therefore, try focusing much on the rooms that will greatly influence the potential buyer’s decision and spend less time on other less influential rooms.

The rooms that potential buyers channel much focus on are the kitchen, living room and master bedroom. These are the rooms where much of your home staging should revolve around.

Depersonalize Your Home

One of the primary roles of home staging is to help potential buyers picture themselves living in your home. Therefore, to achieve this fantasy, you should consider removing all personal photos. Additionally, remove other items such as toothbrushes, clothes, and overly religious materials that show the house belongs to you and not the buyer. Try retaining the style and charm of your home devoid of personal touches. Depersonalizing is essential in helping buyers establish a connection with your home.

Declutter Your Home

Space is essential when selling your home. Therefore, try creating as much space as possible by decluttering your home. You can do this by temporally removing excess pieces of furniture, clothes and accessories that occupy much of your closet’s space. Additionally, remove appliances from countertops and magazines from tabletops. Decluttering shows that your home has enough space that the buyer can utilize to what seems fit for them.


Ensure that every spot within your home is sparkling clean, from kitchen countertops to your floors. A clean home suggests to the potential buyers that you took good care of your house. If you do not dust the windows or clean the refrigerator regularly, it’s now time to do it. Additionally, make sure there are no strange odors in your house that may turn off potential buyers.

Go Neutral

Remember what impresses you may be a turn off to a potential buyer. Therefore, consider giving your house a neutral touch. If you like bright or dull colors, consider repainting with neutral colors such as white, taupe or grey. Additionally, avoid wall to wall carpeting as it may not be everyone’s preference. Try to maintain your décor as neutral as possible to give the buyers an option to adjust it to their best fit.

Light up Your Home

Consider having your house well illuminated to make it more welcoming. You may use either natural lighting through the windows or install bright artificial lights. A bright home seems inviting and creates a good impression among the buyers.


Although implementing the above tips may consume your time and money, home staging is definitely worth it. If you seek to sell house without agent, there are companies out there that can help you sell your house no matter what state it is in. Home staging is completely optional but having a presentable home can boost its value and can help sell your house fast.

 Use the tips and ideas above to highlight your home’s strengths while downplaying the weakness to attract many potential buyers.