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Unique and Stylish Gifts for Your Husband-To-Be

stylish gifts for husband
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Whether you’re enjoying a whirlwind romance or have been engaged for years, it can be difficult to find a gift that really shows your husband-to-be just how much he means to you. By now, this man is probably the most important person in your life and whether you’re buying something for his birthday, Christmas, your anniversary, a wedding present, or just because you’d like to treat him, finding something that he’s going to love isn’t always easy. So, we’ve put together a list of inspiration for some of the best gifts for that special guy in your life whether you want something uniquely personalised to the pair of you, something fashionable, or clever tech that he’s going to love. 

Stylish Gifts
Image Source – Unsplash.com

It’s easier than you think to find the perfect gift for any kind of guy, no matter whether he’s into sports, food, tech, gaming, travel, or pets. 

TAG Heuer Watch

If your husband-to-be is a stylish guy who always likes to be put together and accessorise his outfits just right, he’s going to love TAG Heuer watches. With a range of fashionable styles to choose from, whether he’s into the classic chronograph look or something a little more quirky like a square watch face, you can discover great deals on TAG Heuer watches at CHRONEXT and get your man a gift that he’s certainly going to make use of for the rest of his life. CHRONEXT offer a wide range of watch brands to choose from with something for everybody’s style and budget. 

Espresso Machine

If your guy can’t start the day off right if he doesn’t get his strong cup of coffee in the morning, he’s definitely going to appreciate an espresso machine of his own. There are various different options to choose from with pod machines at the smaller end of the price range and professional bean-to-cup machines with milk steam arms and the whole works at the other end, which he’ll love if he wants to practice his barista skills. But even pod machines can produce a fantastic cup of coffee; look into the pods available for that brand before you decide which one to buy so he can get his favourite. 

Beard Grooming Kit

If your husband-to-be is quite proud of his beard and puts a lot of effort into keeping it looking its best, he’s definitely going to appreciate a gift that shows you’ve put some thought into choosing something that’s going to mean a lot to him; a beard grooming kit. Today you can get these kits in all shapes and sizes, from the basics to the full works with a huge range of beard oils, trimming tools, combs, and more. 

Car Stereo System

If your husband-to-be loves his car but the stereo system is looking a little old and drab, why not treat him to an upgrade? Not only will it make the car look and feel even newer, but you’ll also benefit from easier entertainment when you go on a road trip together. There are plenty of options to consider when upgrading a car stereo; if he only has a basic stereo right now you could go all out and replace it with one that has Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music playing or even a built-in sat-nav. But if you want to keep it budget-friendly, Echo Auto is a really handy device that you can get from Amazon to add Alexa to the car – simply plug it into the AUX port. 

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If your man usually takes his smartphone into the bathroom with him so that he can play all his favourite tunes while he gets ready in the morning, show him that you support his love for music with a waterproof speaker that he can install right there in the bathroom. It connects straight to his phone to play all his favourite music and since it’s waterproof, it can be installed closer to the shower for much easier listening. 

Custom Pet Portrait

If your husband-to-be couldn’t live without his dog, cat, or even his bearded dragon, then he’s going to absolutely love a custom pet portrait that can take pride of place in his home. There are tons of artists to choose from if you want a custom pet portrait done, working in a variety of styles whether you want his pet depicted like a historical figure in oil paints or a hip and modern digital art print. You could even personalise the portrait with his pet’s name or some more information about them. 

Subscription Boxes

If you want to get your man a gift that keeps on giving, signing him up for a subscription box is a really fun idea. There are loads of subscription box ideas to choose from so you’re sure to find something that he’s going to love whether he’s a fan of quirky socks, would love to receive a new video game every month, or takes his skincare very seriously. 

Charging Station

If your home is full of cables that your husband-to-be is using to charge all his gadgets at once, then you can do both of you a favour by getting him an organised charging station for his next gift. You can get charging docks that are designed to fit an iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch so that he can easily charge all three of them at once without having to worry about cables lying around and free up sockets to plug in other devices. 

Anti-Theft Backpack

If your husband-to-be travels a lot for work or the pair of you travel a lot for leisure, a good anti-theft backpack will take a lot of the stress out of visiting those crowded touristy areas. It seems that wherever you go, you’ve got to watch out for pickpockets and these backpacks are designed to ensure that nobody can get in them, making them the perfect solution for storing valuables on the road. Along with a padlock and hidden pockets to make valuables hard to reach while the backpack is being worn, anti-theft backpacks are also made with really durable material that can’t be cut open. 

Personalised Board Game

If the two of you love playing board games together as a pastime, why not surprise him with a personalised game that he’s going to love? You can find companies offering personalised versions of your favourite games, like a game of Monopoly designed with all the places that you’ve been to, or a Guess Who? game that includes people you actually know from real life rather than the generic characters. It’s sure to put a smile on his face and make your game nights even more fun. 

A Film or TV Cookbook

film or tv
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If your husband-to-be loves cooking and watching movies and TV shows, bring them all together by getting him a fun TV or movie-inspired cookbook. You can get cookbooks written by celebrity chefs that have their own TV shows or go even further to get a cookbook inspired by shows like Game of Thrones that he can use to cook up meals named after episodes or inspired by events on the show. 

If your husband-to-be is the man that has it all, finding a gift that really shows how much you care about him can be tricky. We hope these ideas provided you with some inspiration to find the perfect gift for him.