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About Kris Ford – His Bio and Wife Stephanie Hayden

stephanie hayden

Kris Ford is an actor with American citizenship. He is both a businessman and a television figure. He became popular for portraying’ Sons of Arms’ in a reality television show. The series was broadcast from 2011 to 2014. It was shown with his gorgeous wife Stephanie Hayden on Discovery Channel. This is a quick summary of Kris Ford’s 2020 net worth, profession, and employment.

Kris Ford Biography

On 8 November Kris Ford was born in 1982. In his early years, nothing much was known. Nevertheless, it is well known that Gary Ford, his boss, operated a weapons store called “Ford’s Weapons.” When he was small, he was involved during his father’s gun company.

Kris Ford Career and Future Prospects

Stephanie Hayden

His career began with William Hayden at Red Jacket Firearms LLC to look after his floor and running command before becoming an apprentice in the trade in arms. The show is a Discovery Channel show in which he was the producer. In 2011, he took part in the reality TV series “Son of Guns,” which featured Red Jacket Firearms LLC workers. Kris participated between 2011 and 2014 in five seasons of reality TV. While on the TV, in fact, he also took on little roles in other series, among them ‘ American Chopper’ (American Chopper).

The dissolution of the Sons of Guns was a major turning point in his career, and for him, the period after that was a battle. Kris peacefully retired and stayed, operated in his family business, Ford’s Firearms, where he was partnering with Stephanie Hayden to get rid of innovations to start new ventures. He focused on keeping the company afloat. Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford took the cat out of the bag and provided an update on what they’ve been until lately in an interview with Ameland. Your new company is a new IAC Wargames business plan: Airsoft Range and Event Facility, aimed at fun in a family-style. The new company will focus on marketing products and organize training courses for new firearms owners. 

The hit with RJF is quickly overcome by Kris and Stephanie. And I want their energy to launch something new in the hope of having the help they need to show that after the chaos they’re facing as a team, they can do it again.

Kris would have several disputes and convictions that would put an end to his work as an actor. Throughout 2014, the series was also canceled. He remained far from the screen fame and focused instead on managing the family business. Through various social pages, he keeps his followers updated. He has yet to earn honors throughout his career but has shown how hard work and determination a person can do for achievement.

Kris Ford’s Wife Stephanie Ford

Stephanie Hayden

The Son of Guns actor Kris Ford is Stephanie Hayden’s aunt. As a weapons expert at her exhibition, she joined the limelight. Stephanie ran the show together with her father and her husband and her dad.

William Hayde and Rachel Hayden in Louisiana were born to Stephanie in 1986. The American is a caucasian racial group, she has an American nationality. She’s the only one without a brother or sister in the household. Nevertheless, her professional degrees still did not reveal anything at all. The hit with RJF is quickly overcome by Kris and Stephanie. And I want their energy to launch something new in the hope of having the help they need to show that after the chaos they’re facing as a team, they can do it again.

Since 2010, Sons of Arms co-star Kris Ford has been married to Stephanie Hayden. The couple met when Kris took an apprenticeship job at the Red Jacket Firearms LLC store in his father Will Hayden. It seems that their marriage between close friends and family was held privately. Besides, two children each have a married couple. But the identity and date of birth of their children have not been disclosed to the public. Besides her friendship with marriage, Stephanie has a son from her previous relationship with her husband. The married couple is now enjoying together with their children a happy married life.

Stephanie and HIs Father Controversial History

Stephanie and her partner were charged with child abuse and violence by law enforcement in October 2014. As from certain sources, Ford hit the child on thighs and buttocks with his belt and left a bit blurry. Similarly, Stephanie has been arrested because she did not stop the abuse even if she was there. After a pair bond, they were later released.

There was an immoral past for Hayden’s father. Will has been convicted of many crimes, including several sexual charges. He received a penalty of two charges of aggravated rape and a count of forcible rape on 7 April 2017. Hayden has been sentenced, for the violation of two girls between the ages of eleven and 13, to two life sentences and 40 years in prison. After he had been prosecuted, the show was put off.

Furthermore, according to TMZ, the police arrested Stephanie and Kris for a child attack. Kris blew a belt to Hayden’s nine-year-old son. Hayden on the other hand, despite his being in the same room, did not prevent Kris from hitting a child.

Kris Ford Net worth

Kris Ford’s net worth is not far behind. He was in the center of the day, which was, in reality, his first big role with Discovery Channel on the RJF concrete television series. According to authoritative sources, it is estimated at $500,000 in early 2019.

Kris may have been in the films ‘ illumination for a very short time. But in the hearts of many followers that he had created, he left a lasting impression. He recognized that he was still a person of public interest and thus he posted his regular practices followers.