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Special Hotel Offers During Happy Hours In Bugis, Singapore

Special Hotel Offers During Happy Hours In Bugis, Singapore

Back in the days, Happy hours were not the usual thing. I remember most of the cafes and bars used to offer happy hours once a month or sometimes annually. But now as the competition between a chain of bars and cafes is increasing we are expecting more and happier hours. 

Happy hours are a time in which you get some free drinks like wine, juices, cold drinks and more. There are many prominent cafes and bars in Singapore that are offering happy hours even at peak hours of Friday night. 

So if you are in Singapore Following places are offering happy hours that you must visit. 

Let’s have a look at them. 

Mercure Hotel Bugis

If you are looking for happy hours in the Bugis area, then there is no place better than Mercure Hotel Bugis. Mercure hotel has two restaurants along with a separate bar. The bar serves a lot of drinks, cocktails, wine, juices, and whatnot. But they also care for your happiness as well, that’s why from 5 pm-8 pm you can get “buy 1 get 1 free drink offer”. happiness is not cheap in many places, but the people who care for you offer it for free as well. So if you are in the Bugis area and want to spend some happy hours with your friends and family Visit Mercure Bugis right away. 

Hood Bar

This is one of the best bars located near the Bugis Area. It is known for its music that highlights both live groups presenting local and international music. This is a quintessential bar where you find a good pace, play darts, and simply groove with whoever is playing. There are many promotional hours offered by this bar that include happy hours as well. It’s constantly an enjoyable time at this spot. Over everything, look at their fascinating combination menu like the ginseng moderate cooked sheepshank or the various degrees of hotness best served with southern style frog legs! so if you are somewhere in Bugis and want some free drinks after a hot sizzling dinner. then Hood Bar is one of the best places for you. 

25 Degrees

25 Degrees is the cafe/bar located near the Bugis Area they serve a variety of beverages including alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks like wine, water, cocktail, and flavored juices. The best thing about this bar is, the environment is as creative as its name. You can have drinks along with some music and gossip. Also, this bar is offering happy hours and serving to make people happier. If you visit 25 degrees between 3-7 pm, you can avail the offer of Buy 1 get one free drink. Let’s make your life a little happier with friends and family.

Alter ego

Put your egos aside and have some lovely time with your close ones, friends, and family. Alter ego a famous bar and cafe are offering a variety of beverages and drinks along with some tasty meals. The meals are not very costly but still, flavor enriched. You can go there to serve your taste buds well. And once the stomach is full, refresh yourself with beer, wines or anything you like. Alter ego is offering its happy hours from 6 pm onwards till its closing. So you can visit it anytime in the evening and have some fun time. 

There is no time to get happy, you can be happy anytime at anyplace, but happiness along with a free drink is a more fascinating thing. The above best places are offering happy hours in Bugis Area and you should try them once.